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With a background in mortgage origination and operation, choosing the most professional lenders and originators in the business had been both the personal and professional aspiration of First National Title Services.  Our success is shown through the highly qualified team members of our designated finance department.  Streamlined and trained in assisting our Finance Partners with both pre and post originating tasks, the finance department of First National is able to handle any issue with outward ease.

Growing the business of our Partners is an important part of our success.  Ensuring they are not subject to the cyclical ups and downs of the refinance business, First National works alongside our network of professionals to create and implement long lasting, co-marketing campaigns that ensure a steady upward flow of business for many years to come.



Marketing Program

  • Credit Return
  • Realtor Direction
  • Direct Mail
  • FSBO program

Finance Service

  • Subordinations
  • Payoffs
  • Doc Retrieval
  • Attorney Consultations
  • True and Accurate Timelines
  • Smooth and Upfront Process

Be Excited About Our...

  • 24 Hour On Line Prelim
  • Weekly Template Updates
  • Text Updates
  • Online Closing Tutorials
  • 24/7 On-Call Service
  • Same Day Closings
  • Customer for Life Closing Policy